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Suspended ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

A professionally fitted, quality suspended ceiling can transform the look and feel of an office or warehouse. As well as improving the visual aspect of your premises the right suspended ceiling can provide an extra level of protection against fire damage in the event of a fire.

Our suspended ceilings and partitioning division have been installing high quality solutions for clients across a range of industries for over 38 years. Our comprehensive service ensures your installation is professionally managed from first consultation, design and fitting of your suspended ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are quite often a preferred solution to standard ceilings. Some of the reasons for choosing a suspended ceiling are price, practicality and insulation. Price-wise they can be far more cost-effective than a standard ceiling installation, practical by providing an effective cover for unsightly wires, cables and the like. The gap between the suspended ceiling and the roof also provides an effective form of insulation, in addition lowering the volume of air in the room meaning there is less space to be heated or cooled.

There are sound benefits to suspended ceilings that can improve the acoustics in the working environment especially in larger, noisy warehouses and offices.

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Energy Efficiency

The insulating effect of suspended ceiling panels may help lower energy and cooling bills especially when using air conditioning units.

Fire Safety

Most ceiling panels come with either 30 minutes or 60 minutes fire rating.

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Suspended ceilings offer superior acoustic properties to absorb sound, so surrounding rooms are quieter.

LED Lighting

(Light emitting diodes) are the latest and most technological advancement in the lighting industry. A major benefit over fluorescent is no tube changing or lifetime reliability. 60% energy saving using LED flat panels.
Digital Cables

Hidden Void

Easy access above ceilings to fit wiring and data onto trays. M & E works can be hidden in void areas.

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